Our Menu


Our direct trade partnerships are the foundation of our business. A direct trade model fosters community supporting relationships, provides an up-close assurance of quality, and ensures that each farmer is paid wages even above fair trade standards. Our coffee beans are roasted in-house to ensure the freshest flavor profile possible. In addition, we use only organic, hand-crafted syrups, organic spices, locally sourced milk and Tennessee honey in our coffee recipes. Whether you prefer straight espresso, varietal specialties, flavorful nitro, a cold brew concoction, or just a great cup of drip coffee, there is certainly a new favorite waiting for you.


We hope you will be as thrilled with our tea selection as we are. Our tea partner has devoted tremendous care in sourcing, developing and crafting incredible teas, and the quality shows. Iced or hot, from customized sweet tea to hand-crafted hot tea, our selections are as varied as our coffee options. Along with delicious traditional tea selections, come try a matcha, a golden milk latte or chai. If you’re an avid tea drinker, or trying it new for the first time, we know you’ll find something you love!


Sweet or savory baked goods, fresh, hand-crafted sandwiches and paninis – our du jour style menu is driven by seasonal, local and regional foods. We’ve taken great care to partner with local and regional growers and producers to source the best ingredients we can find. We also offer gluten-free baked goods and in-house gluten-friendly options. Whatever your mood, you’re certain to find something delicious.  

For more information on our local and regional partnerships, please check out our Partners page. 

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